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Shopping centers track customers with mobile technology

A report in today's Daily Telegraph (UK) indicates that shopping centers are tracking customers via their mobile phones, see here:

Those of you who were at last year's OpenWorld event in San Francisco will remember the demo scenario we used in many of our Big Data presentations, which showed exactly how this could be done using Oracle technology.  My colleague Jean Pierre Dicjks has dissected the demo scenario we created in a recent blog post on the Oracle Data Warehouse blog, see here:

According to the Daily Telegraph report over 30 major shopping centers in the UK have installed monitoring technology although it is not clear how many have switched it on and are actively using it. This report has an interesting quote from Lawrence Hutchings, managin…

New whitepaper from Winter Corporation on Big Data

We have posted a new whitepaper from Winter Corporation on The title is "Big Data: Business Opportunities, Requirements, and Oracle's Approach"
This paper is a great introduction to Big Data and explains how Oracle addresses the enterprise requirements for big data via its overall approach to data management, via its Engineered Systems. The first section provides an overview of Big Data and what this new term actually means. There is a breakdown of the three key areas usually associated with Big Data (Volume, Variety and Velocity) as well as a discussion about the additional Oracle derived key term: "value density".
It always helps to include some examples when explaining new concepts like these and this report looks at three areas:
E-Commerce and Consumer MarketingEngineering and ManufacturingHealthcare; The examples provided for each industry have a number of things in common:
High volume to be analyzedData arriving for analysis at high vel…