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Using Apache Zeppelin Notebooks with your Oracle Data Warehouse

Over the past couple of weeks I have been looking at one of the Apache open source projects called Zeppelin. It’s a new style of application called a “notebook” which typically runs within your browser. The idea behind notebook-style applications like Zeppelin is to deliver an adhoc data-discovery tool - at least that is how I see it being used. Like most notebook-style applications, Zeppelin provides a number of useful data-discovery features such as:
a simple way to ingest dataaccess to languages that help with data discovery and data analyticssome basic data visualization toolsa set of collaboration services for sharing notebooks (collections of reports) Zeppelin is essentially a scripting environment for running ordinary SQL statements along with a lot of other languages such as Spark, Python, Hive, R etc. These are controlled by a feature called “interpreters” and there is a list of the latest interpreters available here.

A good example of a notebook-type of application is R Stud…