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Oracle Technology Network's FREE Virtual Database Developer Day in EMEA on March 4 @9:00am GMT

Oracle Technology Network's FREE Virtual Developer Day is coming to EMEA on March 4 starting at 9:00am GMT. This fantastic online event for DBAs and Database Developers is focused on building and deploying Oracle Database apps using modern techniques. My SQL pattern matching workshop will be at 11:45am GMT and lasts for 45 minutes. This is the same event that we ran in the US earlier this month and the response was amazingly positive from all those people that joined us.
To make things amazingly easy for you and to make sure that you get the best experience from this event we are providing a pre-built virtual machine which contains all the software pre-installed and configured along with all the workshops for the two Database 12c tracks: DBA and Developer. You will find the links to download the VM on the event registration page.
The 12c DBA track will be running the following sessions:
09:00 AM - Oracle VM performance with Oracle Database 12c
10:15 AM - Automatic Data Optimizatio…

Sessionization with 12c SQL pattern matching is super fast

To help us evaluate our new 12c pattern matching feature our development team ran a series of performance tests using the TPC-H schema. The data set contained approximately seven years of data which consumed about 1TB of space. As part of the tests we ran two different searches:
the first search was based on a sessionization pattern using the orders table and this was compared to using a window function
the second search was based on a W-pattern using the line-item table and this was also compared to using a window function. Let's examine these two use cases in more detail.
Sessionization To create the first part of the sessionization workflow we took the original source data and used the USER_ID as the PARTITION BY  key and the timestamp for the ORDER BY clause. In this example we defined a session as a sequence of one or more events with the same partition key (USER_ID) where the gap between the timestamps is less than 10 seconds - obviously the figure for the gap is completely …

OTN Virtual Developer Day content now available on-demand

Thank you to everyone who attended the SQL pattern matching session during yesterday's OTN Virtual Developer Day event. We had a great crowd of people join our live workshop session. I hope everyone enjoyed using the amazing platform which the OTN team put together to host the event.  The great news is that all the content from the event is now available for download and you can watch the all on-demand videos from the four tracks (Big Data DBA, Big Data Developer, Database DBA and Database Developer). The link to fantastic OTN VDD platform is here: and this is what the landing pad page looks like:This page will give you access to the keynote session by Tom Kyte and Jonathan Lewis which covered the landscape of Oracle DB technology evolution and adoption.  The content looks at what's next for Oracle Database 12c looking at the high value technologies and techniques that are driving greater databa…