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OOW Guide Updated - Big Data Keynote added

NEW KEYNOTE: Transforming Businesses with Big Data and Analytics Monday Sept 23 @ 8:00am, Moscone North - Hall D There has been an exciting addition to the agenda for this year's OpenWorld. On the Monday morning (Sept 23), Mark Hurd is using his keynote to talk about how businesses can transform themselves using big data and analytics. Given all the hype around these two hope topics this keynote will look at the promise of big data and how it enables your business to leverage a range of information to provide new services, operate more efficiently, and market more effectively.
This keynote will include key Oracle customers and other Oracle experts who will explain how to harness the value of big data; craft an IT strategy to stream, acquire, organize and analyze to make transformational decisions about business operations and products and services.
To make sure you do not miss this important session I have updated the Data Warehousing and Big Data Guide to include details of this i…

SQL - The Best Development Language for Big Data

One thing I have noticed when looking at many bigs data projects is that a lot of time is spent collecting data but then the next step, analyzing that data, can quickly become overly complicated.  Working with many big data sources and analyzing this data is just too hard.

SQL, on the other hand, is the most commonly used language for data analysis. So how can we combine these two? This session discusses Oracle’s analytical SQL capabilities and how complex analytical queries running on large to extremely large data sets are becoming a reality, even on datasources outside the relational world.

I will be delivering a presentation at OpenWorld on using SQL to simplify and enrich the analysis of big data. It is on Tuesday (September 24) at 10:30am in Salon 7 of the Marriot Marquis Hotel - this hotel is a short walk from the Moscone Center.

Sign up now (there is limited space available!) to attend this session and learn how Oracle sees the future of a unified analytical world. You can a…

Register NOW for the pattern matching hands-on lab at OOW

Just a quick reminder that I will be running a hands-on lab for the new Database 12c pattern matching feature at this year's OOW. This is a great opportunity to learn more about this exciting new feature and ask any questions you might have about how to use pattern matching in your projects. Both myself and our expert developers will be in the room to help you and answer your questions.
The lab is divided into 5 sections:
Part 1 - Introduction to SQL Pattern Matching Part 2 - Searching for more complex patternsPart 3 - Understanding how SQL Pattern Matching worksPart 4 - How to use built-in measuresPart 5 - Advanced Topics  I will have all the content available on a USB stick so you can take the schema, data and workshop away with you at the end of the lab.

Click through to the OOW content catalog to register for this lab: The number of seats available for this lab is strictly limited and we are filli…


This is great new whitepaper written in collaboration with The Economist. In the report Oracle's big data strategist, Paul Sonderegger, looks at how big data is becoming part of everything from New York City’s inspectional services to Intel’s silicon manufacturing, from public policy implications to visual design innovations, and more.

The paper will help you understand how many companies and using big data to remake themselves and their industries, and using analysis of data-based decision processes to tell compelling stories through data visualization and predictions. Big data is future and it will have a major impact on society.
Click on the link now and find out how to find value in Big Data

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iBook - Delivering deeper insight to your business

I have converted my last whitepaper on in-database analytics to the multi-media iBook format so it can be viewed on Apple's iPad and iPad mini. This great new iBook contains a lot more content including how-to videos and presentation slide-shows for each product. This is a must-have multi-media guide to Oracle's data warehousing analytics:Chapter 1: Oracle’s Approach to AnalyticsChapter 2: Oracle's Rich Framework for AnalyticsOverview of analytics and extensibility frameworkSQL Data MiningSpatial AnalyticsNetwork AnalyticsMultidimensional AnalyticsUnstructured AnalyticsExtensibility FrameworkChapter 3: Realizing the benefits of in- database analyticsChapter 4: ConclusionChapter 5: Where to get more informationThis iBook is packed full of information that help you get the most Oracle's in-database analytics. You can download the iBook from my Google Drive folder here.As I am still experimenting with delivering content via the iBook format it would be great to have some …