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Great news - SPARC T5-8 Delivers Oracle OLAP World Record Performance with near real-time analytic capability

Our SPARC and OLAP development teams have published some fantastic performance figures on their blog: Oracle's SPARC T5-8 server the teams delivered world record query performance with near real-time analytic capability using the Oracle OLAP Perf Version 3 workload running Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on Oracle Solaris 11. The workload uses a set of realistic BI queries that run against an OLAP cube based on a 4 billion row fact table of sales data. The 4 billion rows are partitioned by month spanning 10 years. The combination of the Oracle Database with the Oracle OLAP option running on a SPARC T5-8 server supports live data updates occurring concurrently with minimally impacted user query executions.This is a great evolution of the development work we have been doing with our in-database OLAP features. The details about "real-time" analytics reminded me of the work with did with BNP Paribas to devel…