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Autonomous Data Warehouse is LIVE!

That’s right: Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is LIVE and available in the Oracle Cloud.
ADWC Launch Event at Oracle Conference Center We had a major launch event on Thursday last week at the Oracle Conference center in Redwood Shores which got a huge amount of press coverage. Larry Ellison delivered the main keynote covering how our next-generation cloud service is built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology which leverages machine learning to deliver unprecedented performance, reliability and ease of deployment for data warehouses.

As an autonomous cloud service, it eliminates error-prone manual management tasks and, most importantly for a lot readers of this blog, frees up DBA resources, which can now be applied to implementing more strategic business projects.

The key highlights of our Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud include:

Ease of Use: Unlike traditional cloud services with complex, manual configurations that require a database expert to specify data d…