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Webcast - Introduction to Big Data

An important date for your 2012 calendar : January 12 2012, at 12:00PM ET
Join David Segleau, Director of Product Management at Oracle, and an expert on NoSQL. David will discuss the spectrum of big data solutions, and then focus on two common technologies for capturing and storing big data: Hadoop Distributed File System and Oracle NoSQL Database. He will discuss the approach and strengths of each application, and provide use cases for when to use each one. The presentation concludes by summarizing how to transform and filter data as needed, loading it into an Oracle data warehouse for the deep analytics needed to generate new insight.
In this webcast you will learn about: - Oracle's big data solutionsDifferent big data use cases with technology recommendationsThe strengths of both Oracle NoSQLDatabase and Hadoop Distributed file system To register for the webcast go here:

Does "Big Data" just mean lots of data?

It would be interesting to discover when the term "Big Data" first appeared and why this particular term was used. I have tried using Google but they removed the "TimeLine" option which makes uncovering the answer to this type of question very difficult. If anyone knows the answer please let me know. Anyway, we are stuck with this term and many of the customer that I meet are completely confused by this strange term - "Big Data". Nearly ever customer I talk to assumes that the word "Big" implies huge quantities of data. Many of the storage vendors have done a great job in convincing the technical teams that big data means storing petabyes or even zetabytes of data. I heard one customer the other week tell me that their storage vendor had told them to expect a 50X growth in data volume over the next 5-10 years.  While this might be true the worrying part was that the customer was taking this as fact and claiming that "Big Data" would b…