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EMEA Virtual Developer Day on Database 11g Application Development on June 12

Join us on 12th June in EMEA for our latest virtual Developer Day on Database 11g Application Development.This virtual event offers: Hands-on (for some tracks but not the data mining or big data tracks - sorry) experience developing database-backed applications with innovative and performance-enhancing methods. Chance to learn from Oracle database application development experts. Get post-event benefits such as advanced lab content downloads. 
Full details, including registration details, are here: is a packed 4-track agenda and the event will cover the key tools, frameworks, techniques, and best practices for building database-backed applications, information on how to get the best from Oracle's Advanced Analytics option and an overview of Oracle's Big Data technologies.Included as part of the database track is a session on Oracle Data Mining starting at 11:30am BST. 

There is a big data track…

Oracle Information Architecture: An Architect’s Guide to Big Data

Planning a Big Data architecture is not about understanding just what is different. It’s also about how to integrate what’s new to what you already have – from database-and-BI infrastructure to IT tools, and end user applications.Oracle’s own product announcements in hardware, software, and new partnerships have been designed to change the economics around Big Data investments and the accessibility of solutions. The real industry challenge is not to think of Big Data as a specialized science project, but rather integrate it into mainstream IT.To help customers understand how to best integrate Big Data capabilities to their overall information architecture we released a new whitepaper on OTN. This paper also covers integration of big data from enterprise architecture perspective and describes some typical use cases.To view the report follow this link:

BeyeNETWORK Q&A Spotlight with Oracle's George Lumpkin

Here is a link to the recent Q&A Spotlight with Oracle's George Lumpkin on the BeyeNETWORK. The session was called "Incorporating Big Data into an Enterprise Information Architecture"  This article is an interview by Ron Powell with George Lumpkin, Oracle's Vice President of Product Managment, Big Data and Data Warehousing. Ron and George discuss the trends in data warehousing, big data analytics and grid computing, and how Oracle's Exadata platform is taking these trends to a new level…Read more here:

New Big Data training landing pad on Oracle University

Oracle University has created a new page for training courses and materials relating to Big Data. You can find more information by clicking here: There are training plans for both DBAs and developers so this is a great site to bookmark. Below are details of the latest courses released on OU for Big Data:Introduction to Big Data - In this course, you are introduced to Big Data and Oracle's Big Data solution. Topics covered are Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Big Data Connectors. As you progress through the course, the various phases of Big Data are covered. Using a case study, the phases of acquiring, organizing, and analyzing are discussed.You can find more information by clicking here: to Oracle NoSQL Database - In this course, students will identify the key features, benefits, and use cases…