EMEA Virtual Developer Day on Database 11g Application Development on June 12

Join us on 12th June in EMEA for our latest virtual Developer Day on Database 11g Application Development.

This virtual event offers: 

  • Hands-on (for some tracks but not the data mining or big data tracks - sorry) experience developing database-backed applications with innovative and performance-enhancing methods. 
  • Chance to learn from Oracle database application development experts. 
  • Get post-event benefits such as advanced lab content downloads. 

Full details, including registration details, are here:https://oracle.6connex.com/portal/database2012/login/?langR=en_US&mcc=EMEAint

There is a packed 4-track agenda and the event will cover the key tools, frameworks, techniques, and best practices for building database-backed applications, information on how to get the best from Oracle's Advanced Analytics option and an overview of Oracle's Big Data technologies.

Included as part of the database track is a session on Oracle Data Mining starting at 11:30am BST. 

There is a big data track which includes the following sessions (9:00am - 1:00pm BST): 

1. Getting started with Oracle NoSQL Database 
2. Integrating Hadoop with Oracle Database 
3. Scalable application design techniques for large data warehouse environments 

This is a great opportunity to learn about key parts of Oracle's data warehouse and big data platform. There will be a live Q&A chat during each of these sessions so if you have questions this will be a great opportunity to get those questions answered by key experts.

Enjoy and look forward to talking with you during the Q&A sessions.


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