New Big Data training landing pad on Oracle University

Oracle University has created a new page for training courses and materials relating to Big Data. You can find more information by clicking here: There are training plans for both DBAs and developers so this is a great site to bookmark. 

Below are details of the latest courses released on OU for Big Data:

Introduction to Big Data - In this course, you are introduced to Big Data and Oracle's Big Data solution. Topics covered are Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Big Data Connectors. As you progress through the course, the various phases of Big Data are covered. Using a case study, the phases of acquiring, organizing, and analyzing are discussed.You can find more information by clicking here:

Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database - In this course, students will identify the key features, benefits, and use cases of the Oracle NoSQL Database. They will be able to explain the concepts and terms related to NoSQL. They will identify the key considerations, which they should keep in mind, while designing a schema and an application for an Oracle NoSQL Database. You can find more information by clicking here:

We are working really hard to add some important new courses to meet the growing demand we seeing from customers and partners who are eager to learn about our big data technology. Coming soon we will be adding new training content on:

  • Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators and Developers
  • Oracle Loader for Hadoop
  • Using Oracle Data Integrator for Hadoop
  • Using Oracle R Enterprise

As soon as these courses are ready I will let you know.

In the meantime, enjoy the just released courses on introductions to Big Data and NoSQL DB


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