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Two exciting new books on Big Data from O'Reilly

Two great new books to add to your iPad (other tablet computers are available).
How Data Science Is Transforming Health CareIn the early days of the 20th century, department store magnate John Wanamaker famously said, "I know that half of my advertising doesn't work. The problem is that I don't know which half." That remained basically true until Google transformed advertising with AdSense based on new uses of data and analysis. The same might be said about health care and it's poised to go through a similar transformation as new tools, techniques, and data sources come on line. Soon we'll make policy and resource decisions based on much better understanding of what leads to the best outcomes, and we'll make medical decisions based on a patient's specific biology. The result will be better health at less cost. This paper explores how data analysis will help us structure the business of health care more effectively around outcomes, and how it will trans…

A Guide to Data Warehousing and Big Data @ OpenWorld 2012

There's so much to learn at Oracle OpenWorld - it provides more educational and networking opportunities than any other conference dedicated to Oracle business and technology users. To help everyone get the most from this year's event I have prepared a simple booklet in iBook and PDF formats which lists all the must-see data warehousing and big data sessions. It is divided into the following chapters:
Welcome to OpenWorldA list of Must-See SessionsSession CalendarData WarehousingIn-Database AnalyticsIndustry Data ModelsBig DataDetails of the Big Data Hands-on LabsOverview of the Exhibition Halls (DEMOgrounds)List of Data Warehouse and Big Data product managersLinks to product web pages, blogs and other social media sites

iBook version for iPad Users:  Our iBook for iPad users is now available for download by clicking here.
Please note that this iBook will only work with Apple's iPad and requires version 2.1.1 of the iBooks app. This can be downloaded from the Apple App Stor…

Data Warehousing and Big Data OOW session calendar

To help you get started on planning which sessions to attend I have created an online calendar which lists all the relevant Data Warehouse and Big Data presentations, hands-on labs and customer panels. Depending on your calendar software, you can:
Download a calendar file (.ics) and create a new local/offline calendar within your own calendar software.Subscribe directly to the online Google calendar and refresh it on a regular basis to receive updates/changes to the schedulesView the Google calendar via the web interface Once you have subscribed to, or added, this calendar to your local calendar application you can then synchronize the events with your smartphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. All the times listed for each presentation have been entered in Pacific Time so you will need to enable time zone support on your specific device to see the events at the correct local Pacific Time when you arrive in San Francisco. At the moment the master calendar in iCal looks like this:

1) If you are…