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I have converted my last whitepaper on in-database analytics to the multi-media iBook format so it can be viewed on Apple's iPad and iPad mini. This great new iBook contains a lot more content including how-to videos and presentation slide-shows for each product. This is a must-have multi-media guide to Oracle's data warehousing analytics:

In DB Analytics


  • Chapter 1: Oracle’s Approach to Analytics
  • Chapter 2: Oracle's Rich Framework for Analytics
  • Overview of analytics and extensibility framework
    • SQL Data Mining
    • Spatial Analytics
    • Network Analytics
    • Multidimensional Analytics
    • Unstructured Analytics
    • Extensibility Framework
  • Chapter 3: Realizing the benefits of in- database analytics
  • Chapter 4: Conclusion
  • Chapter 5: Where to get more information

This iBook is packed full of information that help you get the most Oracle's in-database analytics. You can download the iBook from my Google Drive folder here.

As I am still experimenting with delivering content via the iBook format it would be great to have some feedback on how many people are interested in having more content (whitepapers, videos, presentations etc) delivered in this format.

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