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Forbes: Thomson Reuters Transforms Big Data Into Big Business

This is a great interview with Thomson Reuters chief operating officer for Technology Rick King in online edition of Forbes. The interview was conducted by Bob Evans who is Senior vice-president, communications, for Oracle Corp.
This interview gets to the heart of what we are trying to achieve with our engineered system and the way we work with our customers to understand how they are using our technology. The quote from King on final page of the interview really sums this up:
“We rely on companies like Oracle to be a big part of our innovation. We don’t really produce technology, we use other people’s technology in a way that brings together our content and delivers it in a different way. We need players like Oracle to be really innovative in their space to ensure we can be innovative in ours. The article is available here:
There is an excellent video interview with Rick King in the onl…

Targetbase consolidates its data warehouses to analyze marketing data up to 40x faster

A great news story from one of our US data warehouse customers, Targetbase, that ties in nicely with another report that we have just issued and the themes that form the basis for my soon to be released whitepaper on in-database analytics.
Who is Targetbase?
Targetbase is a US base data-driven marketing agency that delivers customer engagement through database, digital, and direct marketing expertise. They are based in Iriving, Texas and have approximately 200 staff. They use data-driven insight to create powerful brand communications that combine the right messages and tactics through the best channels with optimal timing. The results are strong creative services that drive customer engagements and deliver motivated individuals, ready to take action.
Targetbase uses Exadata as the analytical engine for all their data:
The Targetbase use case is a great example of how data warehousing is evolving to take on a wide variety of data sources and workloads. This evolution has already been id…