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Senior Principal Product Manager | Data Warehousing and Big Data
Office +44-1768-878-664 | Voicemail +44-161-493-4849
Oracle UK Scotscroft, Towers Business Park, Wilmslow Road, Didsbury. M20 2RY

I have been working with Oracle technology for over 20 years working on a wide variety of data warehouse projects both as a consultant and an onsite support engineer. I am now part of the Data Warehouse Product Management Team and I am based in the UK. A key part of my role is to work with our sales teams to brief our customers on Big Data: explaining the wide variety of opportunities that Big Data can deliver and how our product strategy can support these new and exciting opportunities. I also deliver sales training for Big Data across all our sales regions and I support the sales teams by providing competitive intelligence for all the big data vendors.


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