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This is your chance to get some winter sun and learn about the new 12c SQL pattern matching! I have just received confirmation from BIWA Summit team that my presentation and hands-on lab on SQL pattern matching have been accepted for the 2014 conference (Jan 14-16 2014 at the Oracle Conference Center, Oracle HQ, Redwood Shores). If you are not familiar with BIWA then here is an overview:

The Oracle Business Intelligence, Warehousing and Analytics Special Interest Group (BIWA SIG) is the leading worldwide association of persons interested in the successful deployment of Oracle Database-centric business intelligence, data warehousing, analytical products, EPM/Essbase and Big Data related features and options. BIWA now has almost 2000 members worldwide. BIWA is a not-for-profit entity affiliated with the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG).

BIWA runs all sorts of activities:

  • Webcasts - BIWA holds monthly webcasts presenting BI and DW experts speaking on BI, Data Warehousing and Analytics topics.
  • Conferences - Participates in major Oracle conferences including Oracle Open World and Collaborate. BIWA manages the BI/DW track at Oracle Open World's User Group day.
  • Summit - BIWA's annual Summit enables members to learn from and network with hundreds of other BI, Warehousing and Analytics specialists, a uniquely valuable environment that cannot be duplicated by less-focused conferences. Our coming conference will be the Get Analytical With BIWA Training Days conference-within-a-conference at COLLABORATE 10 IOUG Forum, April 18-22, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. See the BIWA2010 tab above for details.
  • Our second summit, at Oracle World HQ in California in December, 2008, provided over 60 technical sessions, 10 hands-on workshops and 4 keynotes. Over 300 people participated. BIWA's first summit, in 2007, also drew over 300 participants and offered over 40 technical sessions, plus hands-on workshops and keynotes.

If you are a data scientist, data warehouse developer, analyst, data miner, BI reports developer etc then this is definitely the group for you. There is more information about BIWA on their website:

Back to my sessions…in my presentation I will explore some interesting use cases and provide details of some performance metrics from our own internal tests and from work with customers. The hands-on lab shows how pattern matching using native SQL improves application and development productivity and query efficiency for row sequence analysis. The lab is divided into five sections:

  • Part 1 - Introduction to SQL Pattern Matching
  • Part 2 - Searching for more complex patterns
  • Part 3 - Understanding how SQL Pattern Matching works
  • Part 4 - How to use built-in measures
  • Part 5 - Advanced Topics

This is a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience with the new MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause and the developers who worked on this feature will be available in the room to answer your questions. If you are interested in learning more about our pattern matching feature then make sure you attend this conference.  I am already digging out the sunscreen and looking forward to a week away from the freezing cold British winter and enjoying some warm days of clear blue skies and sun.

At this point you should be saying "Wow, how do I sign up for this conference?" and that is a great question. The details of the 2104 conference, including how to register, are here: . Hope to see you in San Francisco.


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