Review of Data Warehousing and Big Data at #OOW14

Data Warehousing and Big Data were at the heart of this year’s OpenWorld conference being across in a number of keynotes and a huge number of general sessions. Our hands-on labs were all completely full as people got valuable hands-on time with our most important new features. The key areas at this year’s conference were:
  • Big Data SQL - One Fast SQL Query for All Your Data
  • Database In-Memory - Powering the Real-Time Enterprise
  • Mutitenant - Plug your data warehousing Into the Cloud
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All these topics appeared in the main keynote sessions including live on-stage demonstrations of how each feature can be used to increased the performance and analytical capability of your data warehouse.
If you want to revisit the most important sessions, or if simply missed this year’s conference and want to catch up on all the most important topics, then I have put together a book of the highlights from this year’s conference. The booklet is divided into the following sections:
  • Key Messages
  • Overview of Oracle Database 12c
  • Session Catalogue
  • Your Oracle Presenters
  • Links
  • OpenWorld 2015
You can download my review in PDF format by clicking here. Hope this proves useful and if I missed anything then let me know.
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