Must-See Session Guide for Data Warehousing at #oow15


Your Must-See Guide for Data Warehousing and Big Data #OOW2015

There's so much to learn at Oracle OpenWorld - it provides more educational and networking opportunities than any other conference dedicated to Oracle business and technology users. To help you get the most from this year's event I have prepared a comprehensive guide which lists all the must-see data warehousing and big data sessions. It is divided into the following chapters:
  • Welcome to OpenWorld
  • Key Highlights from 2014
  • Overview of Oracle Cloud and Oracle Database 12c
  • List of Presenters
  • Must-See Sessions
  • Links to product web pages, blogs, social media sites
  • Information about the #oow15 smartphone app
  • Maps to help you find your way around
This guide is now available in both Apple iBook and PDF formats. The Apple iBook format will now open on iPads and Mac computers via the relevant iBook app. Please refer to the Apple website for more information. The PDF format will work on any smartphone, tablet and/or computer.

Please use the following links to download your preferred version of the must-see guide:

If you have any questions about these guides then please feel free to contact me at


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