Review of Data Warehousing and Big Data at #oow15

“From the keynotes to the connections to the entertainment, there truly is something for everyone at Oracle OpenWorld” 

DW BigData Review Of OOW15
This year OpenWorld was bigger, more exciting and packed with sessions about the very latest technology and product features. Most importantly, both data warehousing and Big Data were at the heart of this year’s conference across a number of keynotes and a huge number of general sessions. Our hands-on labs were all completely full as people got valuable hands-on time with our most important new features. The key focus areas at this year’s conference were:
  • Database 12c for Data Warehousing
  • Big Data and the Internet of Things 
  • Cloud from on-premise to on the Cloud to running hybrid Cloud systems
  • Analytics and SQL continues to evolve to enable more and more sophisticated analysis. 
All these topics appeared across the main keynote sessions including live on-stage demonstrations of how many of our news features can be used to increase the performance and analytical capability of your data warehouse and big data management system - checkout the on-demand videos for the keynotes and executive interviews.
If you want to revisit the most important sessions, or if you simply missed this year’s conference and want to catch up on all the most important topics, then I have put together a comprehensive review of this year’s conference which is divided into the following sections:
  • Overview
  • Key Feature Areas
    • Oracle Database 12c for Data Warehousing
    • Big Data
    • Cloud
    • Analytics and SQL
  • Hands-on Labs
  • OpenWorld 2016
Each of these sections includes all the most important sessions and links to product pages and all the hottest social media sites. If you are using the iBook version some of movies have been preloaded and all the presentations have been preloaded into the iBook - if you are using the PDF version then you will have to follow the links to view the videos and to download the slides for each presentation. You can download my review in both Apple iBook by clicking here and PDF format by clicking here. Hope this proves useful and if I missed anything then let me know.
Please note that downloadable presentations for some of the sessions are not available because they included content about features that will be part of the next release of Oracle Database. For these sessions I have provided links to the relevant product pages on OTN where you will find information about all the latest greatest features of Database 12c.
Finally, if you missed this year’s conference then I guarantee that will not want to miss #oow2016 because it is going to be even bigger and even more exciting than #oow15. The last section of the review booklet provides 10 reasons why you will want to be at #oow2016. Overall it's a great read
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