Looking forward to #ukoug_tech15 conference

Next week I will be in Birmingham at the annual UKOUG Tech conference. I will be presenting on some of the new SQL features that we added in Database 12c to support analysis of big data. I am also planning to cover some of the features that we are planning for Database 12c Release 2, which is currently in beta. The talk is titled “SQL - The Goto Language for Big Data Analytics” and it should have something for everyone - if you have not made the move to Database 12c then I will be showing some great features that will encourage to start your planning and if you are already using 12c there will be some exciting new features to look forward to with Database 12c Release 2

To give you a taster of what to expect during my session, which is on Wednesday Dec 9 at 3:30pm in Hall 9, here are some sort-of relevant Dilbert cartoons, courtesy of Scott Adams:






If you would like to download my slides in advance of the session then follow this link: http://bit.ly/1O5sy11. See you next week at the conference.

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