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If you always wanted to try our new SQL pattern matching feature, MATCH_RECOGNIZE, but never had access to a Database 12c instance then you really need to checkout the our great new LiveSQL playground environment. LiveSQL is a great place to learn about all the new features of Database 12c along with all the existing features from earlier releases.

The new tutorial is called “Log file sessionization analysis with MATCH_RECOGNIZE” and you can view by clicking here. This tutorial is designed to help show how you can run sessionization analysis on application logs, web logs, etc. Using a simplified table of click data you create a sessionization data set which tracks each session, the duration of the session and the number of clicks/events. It’s all fully annotated and there are links to supporting topics where you can get more information. The objective is to introduce you to some of the important keywords and concepts that are part of the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause.

I have put together a quick video that shows how to access my new pattern matching tutorial so simply click on the image below to access the video:


LiveSQL video showing using new pattern matching tutorial


There are lots of code samples and tutorials for analytical SQL already loaded and available for you to run. Ever wanted to do a mortgage calculation using the SQL Model clause? Well Carsten Czarski, Oracle Database Developer guru, has created a great script that you can run to see how it works, just follow this link -

The AskTom team (Connor and Chris) have uploaded scripts that they have created in response to questions posted on the AskTom forum. For example, here is the AskTom answer for finding the min/max rows within price change groups:

I hope this is useful and don’t forget to share your own scripts and tutorials as this site is community driven, the more you upload the more we all learn.

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