Your Essential Online Session and Hands-on Lab Calendars for #oow16

It’s almost time for OpenWorld. Only three weeks to go! With so much to see and learn at Oracle OpenWorld we are doing our best to make sure that everyone get the most from this year’s conference. Therefore, to help you get prepared and organized we have created a series of online calendars which list all the must-see data warehousing and big data sessions, labs and key events.
Just look at the agenda below - we have packed this year’s schedule with the very best must-see sessions and must-attend labs by Oracle product managers and key customers.

The above agenda is built using Google Calendar and is available for use with other calendar applications that allow you to subscribe to online calendars. To make the process as easy as possible we have created a range of calendars mapped to specific areas of interest such as: cloud, data warehousing, analytics, big data and unstructured data.  The following links can be used to access our OpenWorld calendars via your own calendar applications using the following links:
If you just want to cherry-pick particular topics then select from the following links to focus on your particular areas of interest:

Hope these links are useful. Looking forward to seeing you at OpenWorld in September. Have a great conference.

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