The complete review of data warehousing and big data content from Oracle OpenWorld 2016

Your COMPLETE REVIEW of data warehousing and big fata from #OOW16

The COMPLETE REVIEW of OpenWorld covers all the most important sessions and related content from this year's conference, including Oracle's key data warehouse and big technologies: Oracle Database 12c Release 2, Oracle Cloud, engineered systems, partitioning, parallel execution, Oracle Optimizer, analytic SQL, analytic views, in-memory, spatial, graph, data mining, multitenant, Big Data SQL, NoSQL Database and industry data models.

The COMPLETEreview covers the following areas:
  • On-demand videos of the most important keynotes
  • Overviews of key data warehouse and big data sessions and links to download each presentation
  • List of data warehouse and big data presenters who were at #oow16
  • Overview of Oracle Cloud services for data warehousing and big data
  • Details of OpenWorld 2017 and details of how to justify your trip to San Francisco
  • Links to the data warehouse and big data product web pages, blogs, social media sites
This review is available in Apple iBooks for people who are living in the 21st Century and for those of you stuck in early 1900's there is the fall-back option of a PDF version. Of course the iBook version offers a complete, exciting and immersive multi-media experience whilst the PDF version is a simply and quite literally just a PDF.
Hope this review is useful. Let me know if you have any questions and/or comments. Enjoy!


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