Big Data Warehousing Must See Guide for Oracle OpenWorld 2017

Front Cover for Must-See Guide


It’s here - at last! I have just pushed my usual must-see guide to the Apple iBooks Store.


The free big data warehousing Must-See guide for OpenWorld 2017 is now available for download from the Apple iBooks Store - click here, and yes it’s completely free. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference so that when you arrive at Moscone Conference Center you are ready to get the most out of this amazing conference. The guide contains the following information:

Page8 Page17 Page19 Page41 Page90
Page 8 -
On-Demand Videos
Page 17 - Justify
Your trip
Page 19 - Key
Page 41 - Must See
Page 90 -
Useful Maps

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the must-see guide.

Chapter 2 - A guide to the key the highlights from last year’s conference so you can relive the experience or see what you missed. Catch the most important highlights from last year's OpenWorld conference with our on demand video service which covers all the major keynote sessions. Sit back and enjoy the highlights. The second section explains why you need to attend this year’s conference and how to justify it to your company.

Chapter 3 - Full list of Oracle Product Management and Development presenters who will be at this year’s OpenWorld. Links to all their social media sites are included alongside each profile. Read on to find out about the key people who can help you and your teams build the FUTURE using Oracle’s Data Warehouse and Big Data technologies.

Chapter 4 - List of the “must-see” sessions at this year’s OpenWorld by category. It includes all the sessions and hands-on labs by the Oracle Product Management and Development teams along with key customer sessions. Read on for the list of the best, most innovative sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

Chapter 5 - Details of all the links you need to keep up to date on Oracle’s strategy and products for Data Warehousing and Big Data. This covers all our websites, blogs and social media pages.

Chapter 6 -  Details of our exclusive web application for smartphones and tablets provides you with a complete guide to everything related to data warehousing and big data at OpenWorld 2016.

Chapter 7 - Information to help you find your way around the area surrounding the Moscone Conference Center this section includes some helpful maps.


What’s missing? At the moment there is no information about hands-on labs or the demogrounds but as soon as that information is available I will update the contents and push it to the iBooks Store. Stay tuned for update notifications posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


If you want the guide as PDF book then see here - and yes it’s still completely free.

Let me know if you have any comments. Enjoy.


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