Review of Big Data Warehousing at OpenWorld 2017 - Now Available

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Did you miss OpenWorld 2017? Then my latest book is definitely something you will want to download! If you went to OpenWorld this book is also for you because it covers all the most important big data warehousing messages and sessions during the five days of OpenWorld.

Following on from OpenWorld 2017 I have put together a comprehensive review of all the big data warehousing content from OpenWorld 2017. This includes all the key sessions and announcements from this year's Oracle OpenWorld conference. This review contains the following information:

Welcome - an overview of the contents.

Let’s Go Autonomous - containing all you need to know about Oracle’s new, fully-managed Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud. This was the biggest announcement at OpenWorld so this chapter contains videos, presentations and podcasts to get you up to speed on this completely new data warehouse cloud service.

Keynotes - Relive OpenWorld 2017 by watching the most important highlights from this year’s OpenWorld conference with our on demand video service which covers all the major keynote sessions.

Key Presenters - a list of the most important speakers by product area such as database, cloud, analytics, developer and big data. Each biography includes all relevant social media sites and pages.

Key Sessions - a list of all the most important sessions with links to download the related presentations organized

Staying Connected - Details of all the links you need to keep up to date on Oracle’s strategy and products for Data Warehousing and Big Data.  This covers all our websites, blogs and social media pages.

This review is available in three formats:

1) For highly evolved users, i.e. Apple users, who understand the power of Apple’s iBook format, your multi-media enabled iBook version is available here.

2) For Windows users who are forced to endure a 19th-Century style technological experience, your PDF version is available here.

3) For Linux users, Oracle DBAs and other IT dinosaurs, all of whom are allergic to all graphical user interfaces, the basic version of this comprehensive review is available here.

I hope you enjoy this review and look forward to seeing you next year at OpenWorld 2018, October 28 to November 1. If you’d like to be notified when registration opens for next year’s Oracle OpenWorld then register your email address here.

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