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If you missed all the major announcements from OpenWorld 2017 about Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud then take some time to review this blog post Review of Big Data Warehousing at OpenWorld 2017 - Now Available. Take a look a Chapter 2 - YOUR ORACLE DATA WAREHOUSE IN THE AUTONOMOUS CLOUD.

Once you have fully digested the powerpoint presentations and videos included in Chapter 2 you will then be ready to watch this exciting new video:

Below is an excerpt of Thomas Kurian’s Keynote session at Oracle Cloud World in Feb 2018. In this video, George Lumpkin, VP of Product Management, shows how easy it is to create an new data warehouse inside the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, how fast and elastic it is and how quick and easy it is to integrate with other parts of Oracle's Cloud portfolio - in this case Oracle Analytics Cloud.

This demo will take you from zero-to-dashboard in around 10 minutes! 


For the full-length video of Thomas Kurian's keynote at Oracle CloudWorld, New York, go here: Oracle Cloud and the Future of Your Business

Once you have seen the video above you will understand that Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is amazingly easy: it is simple to set up and requires no tuning. You will know that Autonomous Data Warehouse is amazingly elastic in that it scales online without downtime and it helps you save money because you only have to pay for exactly what you need. The way Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud integrates with Oracle Analytics Cloud (and other Oracle cloud services too) means you can know deliver complete end-to-end analytics solutions using Oracle Cloud.

Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud truly represents the new step in data management for the cloud!

For more information about Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud please follow these links:

Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud on OTN

Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud on




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