IBM admits Oracle's Big Data Appliance, Exadata, Database and Exalytics are central to your big data strategy

Not often I agree with IBM but thanks for the name-check and confirmation that our big data strategy is the best way forward for customers:

In an interview in Enterprise Apps Today online magazine, former Forrester Research analyst and current IBM Big Data evangelist James Kobielus said:

"This is where Hadoop MapReduce — which Kobielus calls the real “core” of Hadoop — comes into play. “What MapReduce represents is the industry’s first-ever vendor-agnostic framework for building a broad range of advanced analytics. What we think of as advanced analytics is supported within this sort of abstraction framework for development called MapReduce.”

After the data is transformed, it’s fed downstream into another database, such as an Oracle Exadata data warehouse or OLAP cubes, or even to an in-memory platform such as Oracle Exalytics"

Nice to know that IBM is advising its customers to put Oracle technology at the center of their big data strategy rather than their own DB2 based Smart Analytics platform. Of course this is not surprising given that Gartner reported in its last EDW MQ report that approx. 60% of IBM's own customers would not consider deploying DB2 for their data warehouse.

It was nice to see IBM call out two key features that business users are always looking to help them with their analysis: 1) multi-dimensional models that make data navigation and complex analytics very easy and 2) in-memory analytics so you can have speed-of-thought data exploration. Of course IBM does not offer these features which I suspect is why they are recommending customers use Oracle.

If you are an IBM customer and want to get started with big data then welcome to Oracle and the start of your big data journey. You can find more information about our big data platform (Big Data Appliance, Exadata and Exalytics) here:


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