Oracle Day 2012 - Oracle is coming to a city near you

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If you cannot attend this year's OpenWorld event in San Francisco then make sure you checkout our Oracle Day 2012 programme. This is a series of roadshows touring major cities around the globe and each one promises to be a great event.

Oracle Day 2012 features learning tracks and sessions tailored for accelerating your business in today’s environment. Oracle simplifies IT by investing in best-of-breed technologies at every layer of the technology stack and engineering them to work together so you can focus on driving your business forward. Throughout its history, Oracle has proved it can address the most complex IT challenges and solve the business problems of our customers. Discover more about Oracle’s strategy for powering innovation in Data Warehousing, Big Data and Analytics.

As with OpenWorld, Big Data is going to be a huge part of these events and the sessions we have scheduled will reinforce the message that Oracle is different because only Oracle offers the complete end-to-end solution. There two main big data session:

  • "BRIGHT FUTURE: ANALYTICS AND BIG DATA POWERING INNOVATION - See More, Act Faster: Drive better business outcomes with big data & analytics". 
  • BRIGHT FUTURE: ANALYTICS AND BIG DATA POWERING INNOVATION - Making Big Data Payoff: Mastering your Analytics Architecture

I think it is fair to say that every business understands that the potential for big data is huge, but the key question is: Are you ready? These two sessions which form a key part of the Oracle Day programme will examine the explosive pace of technological in the area of big data and analytics and show how you can embrace these exciting new technologies to grab a rare opportunity to outpace your competitors and outperform your stakeholder expectations by being among the first to embrace new solutions that will enable your business to see more and act faster.

We make big data easier to implement, easier to organise, easier to analyse and easier to visualise. For more information about the Oracel Day programme and to find your closest event go here: Don't delay in registering for your local event because space is limited! 


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