OTN Developer Day - Free Oracle Big Data Workshop

If you want to get hands-on time with Oracle's big data technology stack then we are rolling out, in collaboration with OTN, a new complementary one-day hands-on workshop - yes it really is FREE! The date will is Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at Oracle's HQ in Redwood Shores, California.

The workshop will be based around the MoviePlex demonstration application that was first shown at last year's OpenWorld and you will get hands-on time with the source code and we will show you how to develop some of the key features of this application.

What is Oracle MoviePlex?
The Oracle MoviePlex is a fictional on-line movie streaming company and like many other on-line stores, they needed a cost effective approach to tackle their “big data” challenges. They recently implemented Oracle’s Big Data Platform to better manage their business, identify key opportunities and enhance customer satisfaction. The key challenge for Oracle Movieplex is how to manage and process massive volumes of unstructured data flowing in to their environment.

The business users at Oracle MoviePlex want to use their big data platform to help them explore some new business opportunities:
  • Make the right movie offers at the right time?
  • Better understand the viewing trends of various customer segments?
  • Optimize marketing spend by targeting customers with optimal promotional offers?
  • Minimize infrastructure spend by understanding bandwidth usage over time?
Below is a slideshow that will help provide some background and more general information about this application: (Thanks to Marty Gubar, Director of Product Management Big Data, for overseeing the development of the MoviePlex application, putting together the workshop and for creating the slides below)

What will you learn at this workshop?
The overall objective for this workshop is to show how you can develop a low latency, personalized recommendations environment that leverages Oracle's advanced analytic capabilities. During the workshop you will learn from technical experts who will demonstrate the following core technical topics:
  • Write MapReduce on Oracle’s Big Data Platform
  • Manage a Big Data environment
  • Access Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Manage Oracle NoSQL DB Cluster
  • Use data from a Hadoop Cluster with Oracle
  • Develop analytics on big data
Don't delay - register today to learn these key big data skills which you can immediately put to use within your organization.Space is limited so do not delay clicking on this link [here] to register.


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