Oracle Database 12c delivers big data and data warehousing for the Enterprise

We have just released a series of five short video interviews with George Lumpkin, Vice President of Product Management, on the new 12c features that related to big data and data warehousing. I am pleased to see the new SQL pattern matching capabilities get in mention in chapter 2 - a quick recap if you missed my recent blog posts
SQL Pattern Matching introduces a new SQL syntax, along with optimized performance, for detecting patterns in a sequence of events stored in a database table. For example, one might want to look for trends in a stock price, or for suspicious behavior stored in activity log. With Oracle 12c, these queries can be expressed in a simple syntax, without requiring recursive joins or other complex SQL constructs.
For more information on SQL pattern matching visit the home page on OTN (click here).
In the section on easier management, chapter 3, George discusses the new partitioning features that we have added to make general maintenance and information lifecycle management operations much easier.
Oracle Database 12c now allows partition maintenance operations on multiple partitions as single atomic operation: for example, you can merge the three partitions ‘January 2012’, ‘February 2012’, and ‘March 2012’ into a single partition ‘Q1 2012’ with a single merge partition operation.

We haves extended the concept of partition-based information lifecyle management with the addition of Automatic Data Optimization (ADO). This allows you to define policies that specify when storage tiering and compression tiering should be implemented for a given partition, based on the usage statistics automatically collected by Heat Map. 
ADO policies are automatically evaluated and executed by the Oracle Database without any manual intervention required, making it possible to experience the cost savings and performance benefits of storage tiering and compression without creating complex scripts and jobs. For more information on partitioning visit the home page on OTN (click here).
So, if you want to know more about how 12c can benefit your data warehousing and big data projects then listen to these five short video interviews:
Transformational Time for Data Warehousing
Uncovering More Business Value with Analytics
Easier Management and Administration
Lowering TCO
Ready for the Future with Big Data
1:37 2:05 1:40 1:20 1:17
 and if you want to learn more about  12c for data warehousing visit the home page on OTN (click here)

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