OpenWorld 2015 on your smartphone and tablet - UPDATED!

Most of you probably know that each year I publish a data warehouse guide in iBook and PDF format for OpenWorld which contains links to the latest data warehouse videos, a list of the most important sessions along with hands-on labs and profiles of the key presenters. For this year’s conference I have again made all this information available in an HTML web app that (should) run on most smartphones and tablets. The picture below shows the app running on my desktop:
This year’s web app will help you get the most from this year’s conference. It includes the following:
  • Getting to know Database 12c  - a series of video interviews with George Lumpkin, Vice President of Data Warehouse Product Management and links to information about Oracle’s Database Cloud
  • Your presenters - full biographies and links to social media sites for all the key data warehouse presenters
  • Must sees sessions - list of all the most important data warehouse presentations at this year’s conference
  • Must attend labs - list of all the most important data warehouse hands-on labs at this year’s conference
  • Links - a list of links to the most important data warehouse sites
  • Live Twitter - twitter feeds from our product management teams
  • Maps - some useful maps for the local area to help you get around the various conference locations, grab a coffee, get something to eat 
OCT 12 - UPDATED: Added new sessions and incorporated some scheduled changes to existing sessions as well.
To run this web app on your smartphone/tablet follow this link:
Android users: Last year when I tested this app on my Samsung S3 there was a bug in the way the Chrome browser displayed frames because scrolling did not work . This year I have swapped to an LG3 android phone and everything appears to be working correctly. However, if the app does not work as expected on your phone then try using either the Android version of the Opera browser.
If you have any comments about the app (content you would like to see) then please let me know. Enjoy OpenWorld.

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