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Hopefully, you have seen the comprehensive data warehouse guide for #oow16 in iBook and PDF formats which contains links to the latest data warehouse videos, a calendar for the most important sessions and labs and a section that provides profiles and relevant links for all the most important data warehouse presenters. For this year’s conference I have made all this information available in an HTML app that runs on most smartphones and tablets. The pictures below show the menu screens for the HTML app:

Screen1 Screen2

This exciting new web app contains everything you need to know to get the most from this year's OpenWorld, including:

  • Must sees sessions - list of all the most important data warehouse and big data sessions
  • Must attend labs - list of all the most important data warehouse and big data labs
  • Agenda - a day-by-day guide to #oow16
  • Your presenters - full biographies and links to social media sites for all the key data warehouse presenters
  • Social media - feeds from our most important twitter accounts
  • Maps - covering the demo grounds and areas around Moscone for coffee shops and restaurants

…along with so much more. To run our app for #oow16 on your smartphone and/or tablet bookmark the following link:


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