Wednesday's Top Picks at OpenWorld for Data Warehousing and Big Data

Attend my top must-attend sessions and hands-on labs for Wednesday. You can add them to your personal agenda with there "My Schedule” schedule feature on the OpenWorld content catalog. Enjoy #oow16 and don't forget: if you have questions or just want learn more about Database 12c Release 2 then visit the data warehouse and big data demo booths in the database are of the demogrounds. Our development teams are located on the following booths:

  • SDB-013: Oracle Advanced Analytics - Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R
  • SDB-014: SQL Analytics and Analytic Views
  • SDB-015: Enabling Integrated Big Data and Data Warehouse Insight Across the Enterprise
  • SDB-016: Oracle Partitioning
  • SDB-017: Oracle Optimizer
  • SDB-018: Oracle Parallel Execution


Big Data

8:00AM - 9:00AM
LAB: Use Oracle Big Data SQL to Analyze Data Across Oracle Database, Hadoop, and NoSQL
Martin Gubar, Director of Product Management, Oracle
Keith Laker, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Hotel Nikko—Bay View (25th Floor)
Organizations are expanding their data management platform including data stores based on Hadoop technologies and NoSQL databases. These data sources may contain new types of data that were not previously captured in the data warehouse, provide historical data that must be retained for compliance, and more. Oracle Big Data SQL enables existing applications that query Oracle Database to analyze data from all these sources, utilizing Oracle's rich SQL support and security policies. This hands-on lab introduces you to how this is achieved: providing access to big data sources, implementing unified security, and delivering analyses that combine and correlate all data.
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LAB: Using Oracle Database 12c as a NoSQL JavaScript Object Notation Document Store
Mark Drake, Product Manager, Oracle

Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate (25th Floor)
The schemaless nature of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) has enabled it to become an extremely popular method for persisting application data. Oracle Database 12c introduces new features that enable the database to be used as a JSON document store and provide full support for schemaless development. This latest version can store, index, and query JSON content in a highly performant manner. It also enables SQL to be used to query JSON content and join JSON content with relational data, spatial data, and XML. This hands-on lab provides an introduction to the JSON-related features of Oracle Database 12c as well as new RESTFUL services that make it possible to work with JSON content without requiring detailed knowledge of SQL.
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9:45AM - 10:45AM
LAB: Getting Started with Oracle REST Data Services
Jeff Smith, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Kris Rice, Senior Director, Oracle
Colm Divilly, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Elizabeth Saunders, Principal Software Developer, Oracle
Gordon Smith, Director, ORDS Product Management, Oracle

Hotel Nikko—Bay View (25th Floor)
In this session learn how to quickly get up to speed with Oracle REST Data Services by using Oracle SQL Developer to quickly install Oracle REST Data Services and AutoREST-enable your database objects. This hands-on lab walks attendees through the full REST development to create and test a RESTful service, use parameters and feeds, insert and update data, and view results in JavaScript Object Notation in the web browser. In addition, the lab demonstrates how to configure security in Oracle REST Data Services using OAUTH2 authentication.
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LAB: Oracle Database In-Memory Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know
Andy Rivenes, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Vineet Marwah, Sr. Director, Oracle

Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate (25th Floor)
Oracle Database In-Memory introduces a new in-memory-only columnar format and a new set of SQL execution optimizations such as SIMD processing, column elimination, storage indexes, and in-memory aggregation, all of which are designed specifically for the new columnar format. This hands-on lab provides a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Oracle Database In-Memory and how to identify which of the optimizations are being used and how your SQL statements benefit from them. Experience firsthand just how easy it is to start taking advantage of this technology and the incredible performance improvements it has to offer.
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11:00AM - 11:45AM
Oracle Big Data SQL Deep Dive
Martin Gubar, Oracle

Moscone South—103
Oracle Big Data SQL unifies query and analysis across the big data platform using the rich SQL execution engine in Oracle Database 12c to securely correlate information from Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database tables. What's the magic behind the technology? In this session, learn how Oracle Big Data SQL works and the performance optimizations that allow it to analyze data at scale.
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12 Things DBAs Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2
Connor Mcdonald, Developer Advocate for SQL, Oracle
Chris Saxon, Developer Advocate for SQL, Oracle

Park Central—Metropolitan II
In 2005, the AskTom team gave you the top 10 features of Oracle Database 10g. In 2007, it was 11 features on Oracle Database 11g, and then another 11 features on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 in 2009. And in 2013, another 12 new features with Oracle Database 12c. Now we continue the theme, but there are so many new features we've had to partition our talk into two presentations: one for DBAs and one for developers. This session covers 12 cool features for next-generation Oracle Database 12c that will make DBAs more productive.
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Be a Hero with Your DBA: Database Performance Tuning for Admins and Architects
Randal Sagrillo, Solution Architect, Oracle

Moscone South—307
Back again by popular demand, and updated with your latest real-world issues. Be a hero with your DBA. Learn how to identify database key performance indicators, classify relevant workloads, and analyze Automatic Workload Repository/Statspack reports to make meaningful recommendations for what is needed in your database system infrastructure to meet your performance service-level objectives. The methods discussed in this session apply equally to on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. The session mainly focuses on transactional and analytics workloads, with some discussion of data warehouse workloads. Attendees have been turned away from this session in previous years, so register early.
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Oracle Big Data Management in the Cloud
Neil Mendelson, VP, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Oracle

Moscone South—302
The future of data management is exciting. Customers and analysts all agree that successful analytical environments will require seamless integration of Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, and relational databases. Data virtualization can eliminate silos of data and technology to make this wealth of new information available to your entire business. In this session hear about Oracle’s data virtualization strategy to tame the complexity of data management in the era of big data.
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11:30AM - 12:30PM
LAB: Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle Database 12c Release 2
Mike Dietrich, Oracle

Hotel Nikko—Bay View (25th Floor)
In this hands-on lab learn about new ways to upgrade, migrate, and consolidate databases in Oracle Database 12c Release 2. Learn to:

- Upgrade a database to Oracle Database 12c Release 2 using the new command-line parallel upgrade script
- Plug that database into an Oracle Database 12c Release 2 container database as a pluggable database (PDB)
- Migrate a second database to a PDB, using the new Oracle Database 12c full transportable export/import feature

The end result is a CDB with two PDBs, which is the first step toward database as a service (DBaaS) or toward building a private cloud.
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12:15PM - 1:00PM
A Practical Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database
Tim Goh, Product Manager, Oracle
A Chandak, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Michael Schulman, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Moscone South—303
Not familiar with Oracle NoSQL Database yet? Interested in some real-world use cases? This great product introduction session discusses the primary functionality included with the product as well as integration with other Oracle products. It includes a live demo that illustrates installation, configuration, and data modeling as well as querying Oracle NoSQL Database from both Apache Hive and Oracle Database.
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Analytic Views: A New Type of Database View for Simple, Powerful Analytics
William Endress, Director, Product Management, Oracle

Moscone South—102
Analytic views are a new type of view in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 that organize data for simplified access via SQL, extend data sets with aggregate data and measure calculations, and provide a rich metadata layer to support BI applications. In this session learn how analytic views embed joins and aggregation rules, and measure calculations and navigation paths into a single view that is queried with very simple SQL. Use cases include simplifying access to data star schema, Oracle Big Data SQL, and JavaScript Object Notation and as an alternative to exporting data for the analysis in spreadsheets.
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Leveraging Data Science to Extract Actionable Insights from Manufacturing Data
Venkat Visweswaran, Director, Product Management, Oracle
Elaine Lin, Director , Oracle

Moscone West—3002
Traditional business intelligence dashboards and operational reports are falling short of answering tough questions that factory and supply chain managers are asking today. There is a need to look at the same data with a different lens because the answers to these questions rely on discovering relationships and correlations that exist within extremely large data sets. This is where new techniques related to data science and data mining can come to the rescue. They help identify anomalies and outliers in the data as well as try to classify data into different categories based on common characteristics. Applying such techniques can help manufacturers quickly get to the root cause and patterns of interest that relate to poor yield and quality. Attend this session to learn more.
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1:15PM - 2:15PM
LAB: Oracle Database Cloud: Let’s Get Started
Manoj Moteka, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Brian Spendolini, Oracle
Kris Bhanushali, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Arindam Bose, Product Manager, Oracle

Hotel Nikko—Mendocino I/II (2nd Floor)
In this session get your first taste of Oracle Database Cloud. Create a cloud database from scratch with a few click of the mouse, and change access rules with the compute console enabling web, monitoring, and command line entry. Then see how Oracle Database Cloud can be scaled up in real time adding memory and CPU and storage. Experience the various application development, database monitoring, and administration console available via web access.
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LAB: Oracle Multitenant: Hands-on Lab
Can Tuzla, Product Manager, Oracle
Giridhar Ravipati, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Prashanth Shanthaveerappa, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate (25th Floor)
Oracle Multitenant is the first database designed for the cloud. With this architecture you can reduce both capital and operating expenses and increase agility, and it’s easy to adopt and use. Attend this hands-on lab to experience the exciting capabilities of Oracle Multitenant for yourself.
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3:00PM - 3:45PM
Customer Panel: Big Data and Data Warehousing
Gaurav Singh, Solution Architect, Energy Australia
Jim Hewitt, VP Data Strategy & Architecture, Vantiv
Carolina Bouvard Nuo, Directora Transformación y BI, TELEFONICA OF SPAIN
Ken Hall, Architect, SunTrust

Park Central—Metropolitan II
In this session, hear how customers around the world are solving cutting-edge analytical business problems using Oracle Data Warehouse and Oracle Big Data technology. Understand the benefits of using these technologies together, and how software and hardware combined can save money and increase productivity. Learn how these customers are using Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalytics, Oracle Database In-Memory 12c, or Oracle Analytics to drive their businesses, make the right decisions, and find hidden information. The conversation will be wide-ranging, with customer panelists from a variety of industries discussing business benefits, technical architectures, implementation of best practices, and future directions.
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Best Practices for Moving Your Oracle Database to the Cloud
Brian Spendolini, Oracle
Angela Schuler, Senior Manager, S & C Electric Company

Moscone South—303
This session covers how best to move your on-premises Oracle Database and other development instances to a public cloud—such as data and development platform migration—and outlines and details best practices for DBAs, IT staff, and developers. The session also details available options for DBAs and developers for cloud application development and what mix of technologies can be used. Learn about Oracle Database backup, failover, and recovery options, Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service, and how to use the public cloud to REST-enable your data for mobile applications. Lastly, the session covers all management options for the public cloud and discusses privacy and security concerns when moving to the public cloud.
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Oracle Streaming Big Data and Internet of Things Driving Innovation
Atul Mahamuni, Vice President, Product Development, Oracle
Neil Mendelson, VP, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Oracle

Moscone South—302
In the Internet of Things (IoT), whether it is a smart meter, a connected vehicle, or a digital factory, a wealth of data is generated, which can be monitored and acted on in near real time. Applying big data techniques to store and analyze this data can drive predictive, intelligent learning applications in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and utilities. In this session, learn about the convergence of IoT and big data, and how to apply them in your business to reduce costs, generate competitive advantage, and open up new business opportunities.
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4:15PM - 5:00PM
Extraordinary Data Warehousing on Oracle SuperCluster
Sheldon Carter, Database Administrator Manager, Digicel
Darko Krstic, Group IT Platforms Manager, Digicel
Odwar Ortiz, Infrastructure Solutions Specialist, Oracle

Moscone South—308
In this session learn how a large telco slashed operating expenses while building a data warehouse that scales to more than 2 petabytes of storage using Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle All Flash FS1 Flash Storage System. Hear how bringing together the latest Oracle Database 12c in-memory, compression, and information lifecycle management features with Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle All Flash FS1 Flash Storage System delivers an extraordinary solution that offers real-time analytics and massive scale, all in a single solution that was architected in-house.
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7:00PM - 11:00PM
Customer Appreciation Event
Sting and Gwen Stefani Rock the Oracle Appreciation Event

AT&T Park, San Francisco


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