Oracle OpenWorld - Highlights from Day 1

Data Warehouse and Big Data - Oracle OpenWorld Day 1

Welcome to this online review of day one of Oracle OpenWorld 2012. During this week I will you keep you up to date on all the press reports, blog posts, analyst reports and related activities from this year's conference.

Oracle Big Data and Innovation: President Mark Hurd
Oracle President Mark Hurd describes Big Data challenges, and the need for CIOs to both innovate while cutting costs even as storage requirements grow exponentially. Filed at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 by The VAR Guy ... [Watch the video]

Oracle Big Data Strategy and Java Sensors: OpenWorld 2012
Oracle Senior VP Judson Althoff discusses how big data applications tied to Java sensors will drive machine-to-machine communications and allow customers to make more informed business decisions. Recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 by The VAR Guy…[Watch the video]

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Oracle Signs Nokia Map Deal, Will Focus On Enterprise Customers
Oracle on Sunday finalized a new partnership with Nokia that will give the software/hardware manufacturer access to Nokia’s map data and location services. The deal was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal and is expected to be officially announced on Monday, just in time for the OracleWorld conference in San Francisco. Through the deal Oracle will gain easy access to strong mapping data which will allow it to better support location based needs for enterprise clients. Because Oracle consists of a large enterprise base Nokia sees the partnership as a way to extend its brand further into the business sector, a needed sales area as the company’s mobile phone and smartphones businesses continue to bleed market share to iOS and Android based devices…[Read More]

Larry Ellison: As We Thump IBM, Our Next Target Is Teradata
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said he expects that emerging technology will not only help Oracle continue to widen its database share lead over IBM and Microsoft but will also inevitably lead to more-intense competition with specialized database players such as Teradata.Claiming that IBM’s DB2 “continues to lose share to us every quarter" Ellison said Oracle is focused on developing new technologies that will have “very exciting specific features for the cloud”…The rapid and disruptive shift in the industry toward those business-driven themes have led Ellison to assert a bold claim: new competitive dynamics in the database sector will raise the stakes for Teradata and other relatively lower-profile players that have generally stayed under the radar of Oracle, IBM, and even Microsoft SQL Server...[Read More]

The numbers speak for themselves
The organizing team has put together an impressive wall chart which outlines all the key metrics for this year's OpenWorld conference. It covers Oracle Corporation as well data for the event itself. For example, did you know that we have a developer community of 15.1 million developers? We have over 390,000 customers across 145 countries. At this year's conference there has been 97,907 hotel rooms booked. Remember when OpenWorld was based solely in Moscone Center? Not any more, this year the conference is spread across 14 locations in downtown San Francisco. To view the wall chart online...[click here]

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