Faster Data Movement from Hadoop to Oracle Database

The OTN team has just posted a great video interview with Oracle ACE Director Gwen Shapira on YouTube. Gwen talks about integrating Hadoop with Oracle Database using Oracle's Loader for Hadoop and she gives her views on when to use Hadoop vs. when to use Oracle Database.

If the embedded video above does not work for any reason then follow this link to the YouTube site:

One of the interesting points that Gwen makes during the interview is the superior performance (5X faster) offered by our Hadoop loader compared to the other open source data loading tools. The Oracle Loader for Hadoop is part Oracle's Big Data Connectors suite of software and this suite of tools supports a wide range of Oracle targets. These connectors are designed and optimized to integrate Apache Hadoop with specific Oracle products including Oracle Database, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Oracle Data Integrator. The suite of connectors includes the following features/products:

Oracle Loader for Hadoop

Uses MapReduce processing to format and load data efficiently into Oracle Database for analysis.

Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS

Enables Oracle Database to access data seamlessly from Hadoop Distributed File System allowing for SQL processing.

Oracle R Connector for Hadoop

Gives R users high performance native access to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce programming framework.

Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop

Simplifies data integration with Hadoop through easy to use interface


There is more information about the benefits of using the Loader for Hadoop to load data into your Oracle database in the recently published whitepaper High Performance Connectors for Load and Access of Data from Hadoop to Oracle Database.  For technical information about our Big Data Connectors, including links to download the software, visit the home page on OTN which is here: For more general information about big data goto


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