My bike is monitored by Exadata…

I am a big fan of Garmin's sports gadgets and at the moment I have a Forerunner 210 on my mountain bike, a 310XT watch on my Trek 5200 and an Edge 705 loaded up with a map for my area of northern England on my Trek 5900SSL. Every morning I am either out on one of my road bikes if it is not raining or running with my 310XT watch if the weather is not so good. At the end of the week I connect both my Garmin devices to my computer and upload all the data I have collected to the Garmin Connect website so I can check on all the usual training statistics.  Turns out that I am actually using Exadata every single day! Garmin runs their Connect web application, along with its data warehouse and other operational systems, on Exadata. 

Here is a great video that really gets to the heart of why you want Exadata in your data centre and if you are Garmin user you will be pleased to know that every time you turn on your Garmin device you are actually using Exadata. 

(If the video above is not visible or does not play then you can view the try following this link to the post on YouTube:

 Now, when I get up in the morning and press the power button on my Garmin device that startup process is going to be just a little bit more special. Great to know that Garmin and Oracle have got me covered, logging everything heart beat, calorie, pedal revolution, wattage and mile that I do each and every day. If you have never seen Garmin Connect then visit the website where you can take a guided tour of the features and check out all the latest Connect-enabled devices:


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