Southwestern Energy uses Oracle to deliver big data management

Another big data win for Oracle! Southwestern Energy chose Oracle for their big data management project to help them optimize reservoir characterization, drilling, and production operations by delivering an engineered systems platform to capture massive amounts of data, and make better operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. SWN is using Oracle's Engineered Systems Platform to capture massive amounts of data, and make better operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

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If you want more information about big data in the oil and gas industry there is an excellent series of three presentations from OOW 2012 available on the OpenWorld site. The title of the session was "Big Data in the Oil and Gas Industry" and there were four presenters from three different companies:
  • Ali Al Ali - IT Division Manager, Adnoc-Dist
  • Tim Crowder - Principal Consultant, Chevron Ltd
  • Mohamad Akoum - Vice President (CIT), Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations
  • Awad Ahmed Ali El-Sidiq - Senior Database Administrator, ADNOC Distribution
Their presentation focused on the need to analyze massive amounts of data in real time in order to become more proactive. They looked at the need to reduce the lag time between data capture and data analysis, and between data analysis and the implementation of the resulting decisions. The key message from the session was that to become more proactive, oil and gas companies will need to eliminate the impact of disconnected and manual systems that prevent information from being used to act on proactive decisions. Companies will need to implement systems that enable them to capture real-time operational data, analyze the data to make “right-time” decisions, and execute these decisions seamlessly.
The presentations from this session are here;
This session aligns perfectly with what we are now seeing in terms of how companies in this sector are implementing big data solutions. If you need more information about big data and how we can help you capture real-time operational data and analyze tate data to make “right-time” decision then please contact me via my blog.


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