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We have just released a new video to support the recent report we sponsored by Economist Intelligence Unit research program. The video is an interview with Brian Eoff who is a senior data scientist at Bitly, New York. The new video is called "In Search of Insight and Foresight: Getting More Out of Big Data".  
Brian provides an interesting insight into the whole process of how he and his team explore the huge reservoir of data their company collects. The vast majority of questions that his team start out with seem to result in solutions and features that end up in the product although there are some cases where preconceived ideas have also been proven to be incorrect.
One of the most important points raised by Brian is the much talked about disconnect between IT and the business teams which Bitly seems to have resolved by having an intermediary person who works with both sides. Admittedly this is nothing new but it does raise an important point which is that big data will not work in isolation so you have got to engage both sides (IT and the business units) if a big data project is going to be successful. If you want to understand some of the challenges of developing a big data project and some of the steps you can take to ensure it is successful within your company then this video provides some great points.

If the video above does not work for you you can access it directly on the website by going here:
If you missed the report by the Economist Intelligence Unit that is mentioned throughout this interview you can download it from here:


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