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Good news, I will be presenting two papers at this year's OOW.
The first session is a customer panel: Your Data Is Talking to You: Customers Describe How In-Database Analytics Drives Their Business
Your data is talking to you, but do you have the analytics to listen? The business world today is filled with immense opportunities for translating the messages from our data into insights and actions. In this session, a panel showcases several customers that have taken listening to their data to completely new levels. Come hear how you can better use the database you have today to improve productivity, cut costs, and increase customer satisfaction with in-database analytics.
This will be a great session because you will have the chance to talk to customers who are really pushing the boundaries of SQL analytics. If you are using SQL to drive your DW and BI solutions then come and share your ideas and use cases because this panel will definitely be a two-way communication session. Everyone is going to learn something new and amazing during this session. Here is a link to the entry in the content catalog so you can add this session to your online agenda, click here.
Session number two is a presentation that is linked to the topic above: SQL: The Best Development Language for Big Data
Large-scale data processing is undergoing tremendous transformations: new datasources are more readily available, and businesses are focusing more heavily on analytic solutions. Hadoop and other nonrelational datasources are becoming more common, but working with and analyzing this data is hard. SQL, on the other hand, is the most commonly used language for data analysis. So how can we combine these two? This session discusses Oracle’s analytical SQL capabilities and how complex analytical queries running on large to extremely large data sets are becoming a reality, even on datasources outside the relational world. Learn also how Oracle envisions the future of a unified analytical world.
This should be a lively and interactive session and I will be looking to the audience to really engage with this content as SQL analytics and big data are both hot topics. Here is a link to the entry in the content catalog so you can add this session to your online agenda, click here.
If you are going to be at OpenWorld I would love to meet up with you to talk about SQL analytics, use cases, ideas, enhancement requests etc. Looking forward to seeing you at this year's event - it is going to be a good one!

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