Oracle Database 12c Pattern Matching Podcasts - Part 1

In my post last week, linked to the release of Oracle Database 12c, I outlined the new SQL Pattern Matching feature. If you have visited the Database home page on OTN you will noticed that this particular feature is called out in the section "Major New Oracle Database 12c Features and Products" so this is really quite a big deal!

To help you explore and understand this feature I have recorded a series of three podcasts:
  • Part 1 - Provides an introduction to pattern matching
  • Part 2 - Reviews basic concepts, syntax and demonstration
  • Part 3 - Documents a series of real world uses cases
Over the next three weeks I will be posting links to these podcasts. The first podcast is now available and can be accessed by clicking on the image below:

Podcast Part 1 00084

(click on the above image to launch the movie, if this for some reason this link does not work then copy & paste this url:,P24_PREV_PAGE:7827,2)
Note - the format is .MOV which is compatible with Apple iTunes/QuickTime. You may need to install QuickTime and/or use Apple Safari browser to access the file. There is a low-resolution MPEG4 file available here if you do not have access to Apple QuickTime and/or Safari browser. For more information about Apple Quicktime go here:
This first podcast is quite brief. It covers three key topics:
  • Why pattern matching is important
  • Looked at a real world example relating to the use of mobile phones
  • Reviewed a simple example of the new 12c MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause
Over the next couple of weeks I will post part-two (which contains a review of the basic concepts, syntax and demonstration) followed by part-three (a look at a series of real world uses case). Once all the podcasts have been posted I will provide a link to a multi-media iBook (requires an Apple iPad) which contains embedded presentations along with these three podcasts.

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