Oracle Database 12c Pattern Matching Podcasts - Part 3

Following on from last week's post "Oracle Database 12c Pattern Matching Podcasts - Part 2" here is the last part of this three part series on the new SQL pattern matching feature.
In this final podcast we review a series of uses cases and provide conceptual simplified SQL to solve these business requirements using the new SQL pattern matching functionality. These examples are taken from real-life requirements from customers in the financial services, retail, life sciences and telecommunications industries, although the scenarios are also applicable across many other industries.

PM Podcast Part 3

Click on the above image to launch the movie, if this for some reason this link does not work then copy & paste this url:,P24_PREV_PAGE:7828,2
Note - the format is .MOV which is compatible with Apple iTunes/QuickTime. You may need to install QuickTime and/or use Apple Safari browser to access the file. There is a low-resolution MPEG4 file available here if you do not have access to Apple QuickTime and/or Safari browser. For more information about Apple Quicktime go here:
For a more detailed view of this feature please refer to the Oracle Database 12c SQL documentation which is available via the OTN website.

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