Oracle Database 12c Pattern Matching Podcasts - Part 2

Following on from last week's post "Oracle Database 12c Pattern Matching Podcasts - Part 1" here is the second part of this three part series on the new SQL pattern matching feature.
There are four basic steps for building a MATCH_RECONGIZE clause:
  1. Define the partitions/buckets and ordering needed to identify the ‘stream of events’ you are analyzing
  2. Define the pattern of events and pattern variables identifying the individual events within the pattern
  3. Define measures: source data points, pattern data points and aggregates related to a pattern
  4. Determine how the output will be generated
The following podcast provides an overview of the most important keywords within the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause in the context of these four simple steps.  The podcast can be accessed by clicking on the image below:

PM Podcast Part 2

(click on the above image to launch the movie, if this for some reason this link does not work then copy & paste this url:,P24_PREV_PAGE:7825,2)
Note - the format is .MOV which is compatible with Apple iTunes/QuickTime. You may need to install QuickTime and/or use Apple Safari browser to access the file. There is a low-resolution MPEG4 file available here if you do not have access to Apple QuickTime and/or Safari browser. For more information about Apple Quicktime go here:
For a more detailed view of this feature please refer to the Oracle Database 12c SQL documentation which is available via the OTN website.

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